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Lab Services

United Doctors Medical Center offers a wide range of clinical laboratory services utilizing the latest cutting-edge technologies through our laboratory partners.  We provide onsite phlebotomy services for laboratory testing. Our providers order the necessary tests based on the patient’s medical conditions and demands. 

We’re open 5 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We allow you to schedule appointments online ahead of time before coming to the lab, helping you to get on with your day more quickly.

We undertake a wide range of tests from standard lab testing and blood work to tests ordered by employers.

COVID testing, blood glucose tests, CBC (Complete Blood Count), BMP (Basal Metabolic Panel), CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel), flu tests, STD tests, HIV tests, and drug tests are just a few of the more common services provided by clinical labs. However, you should contact us to clarify that we offer the test you want and to see whether you require a lab order from your provider. If you need a referral for a specific lab test, you should look for and schedule an appointment at United Doctors.

Why should you choose us?

Local, Convenient Location

Because our lab is in the city, which will be easier in transport. We are glad to provide our patients the most up-to-date technology and phlebotomy standards.

Hospital Quality

Our Laboratory partners use standardised equipment, reference ranges, and standards to assure hospital-quality findings. Most tests provide same-day results since they are delivered and done near to you, allowing for faster turnaround and results for our patients.